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Care Management Software developed for the Care Sector. Fusion is a reliable and flexible business tool.

Staff Management

Enhance compliance. Move away from paper processes and improve staff management data with a comprehensive web based system. Streamline your business processes with digital timesheets, rota, training matrix, absence management and more!

Digitalise your rotas with Fusions easy to use Rota system. Quickly allocate shifts and visually see where you are under or over staffed.
Fusion provide clocking in machines that work with fingerprints, pin numbers or RFID tags. Gathered information feeds directly into Fusion which generates digital timesheets
We know your primary focus is on providing and improving the best possible care whilst optimising business processes via affordable income management. Fusion allows you to run Payroll at the click of a button and exports directly into your accounts package.
Our Training Matrix allows you to quickly identify mandatory, role specific and individual training needs.
Keep track of absences, supervisions and appraisals. Fusion delivers a comprehensive and intuitive staff management system in a secure and instantly accessible web based format to promote accountability, consistency and informed staff management data.

Residents and Service Users

Optimise your business processes and save time and money whilst you care. Put your finger on real time income data required to run your business profitably. Set invoices to auto generate based on custom criteria. Easily keep track of enquiries and occupancy rates.

Record and analyse enquiries for your service within Fusion. Identify key sources and quickly convert enquiries to service users instantly.
Occupancy Analysis
Track home occupancy rates for a single unit or an entire group. Utilise our analysis reports to extract vital business and KPI data.
Invoicing and Ledgers
Let Fusion do the work for you. Quickly create contracts based on your own criteria and let Fusion automatically create invoices for you which can be exported directly into your accounts package. Keep track of client ledgers and purchase ledgers with ease.
Document Management
We provide an inclusive document management system, allowing you to upload as many documents as you want to the cloud, keeping them safe and secure and reducing the need for paper files.
Our comprehensive service user software is there to improve efficiency, providing full resident records to multi-contract invoicing and in-depth occupancy reporting to provide you with the information you need when you need it most.

Care Plan

Accessible from anywhere, all your care records in one place. Instantly see how many careplans are in date at the touch of a button. Create person centered careplans and improve compliance. Reassess real time data to meet individual needs.

Use our standard workflow assessments or tailor your own using our online wizard, allowing you to set questions, answers and output. Information from assessments helps create person centred care plans, allowing you to reassess real time data to meet individual needs.
Risk Assessment
Create specific risk assessments in Fusion by following our systematic process of evaluating potential risks. Track historic risks and evaluate trends over time.
A unique care planning solution so intuitive it will rewrite the way in which you build, review and manage your care assessments. Complete workflow assessments and create personal care plans with ease.
Daily Notes
Daily progress notes can be added to Fusion in seconds, allowing all aspects of day to day care to be recorded,  audited effectively and enhance compliance. Use our voice to text facility to speed up carer input.
Resident Dashboard
Visually see key information of residents and service users. Overdue care work, key contacts, weight, BMI and MUST charts, all available in a user friendly dashboard.

Did you know? Fusion automatically calculates MUST scores.

– Ben Richardson, Project Manager

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